Why these things keep happen over and over again?


Beginning of the story
- You tackle me 
- I like you
- We're friends
- I don't know your feelings towards me
- I start to love you
- Love more and more
- But still we're friends

You love
- to tease me
- to hurt me
- to make me cry 
- to make me smile
- to make me laugh

But the best thing is
- You are closed to me
- You treat me different than the other girls
- You treat me like your girlfie (sometimes)
- You treat me like your sister
- You care about me
- You make me smile with your unexpected text
- You make me smile with your treat
- You make me smile when I see you
- You make me smile when you reply my text/chat
- You make me happy with your calls
- You make me happy with your unexpected presents
- You will apologize when you make mistakes towards me

The unsatisfisfying thing is
- Your jokes sometimes make me cry although you dont know
- You love to make me jealous
- Your attitudes sometimes make me hurt so bad although you dont mean to do that
- You gone for a while and make me tired of missing you
- You treat me like I dont exist
- You treat me like you 'like it or not'
- You love to make me waiting for your text, call and chat
- You love sarcasing me (sometimes)

What I love about you
- Your kindness
- Your attitude
- Your style
- Your knowledge
- Your lifestories
- I keep our text in phone
- I write back what do we talk when we're on the phone
- I write all the stories about us in diaries instead of blog

What do I do
- Being myself 
- Being a friend that you like to be with

Now what
- You are far away from me
- You rarely contact with me

Sweet problems
- I want to forget you
- I want to forget you
- I want to forget you
*after a moment, phone ringing*
- You call me
- It's unbelievable
- I love it
- I miss you
- It's miracle
- I'm happy
*but then*
- You being silent for a long time
- I'm alone without you
- I miss you
- I want  to forget you
- I said I want to forget you
*phone ringing after a while*
- It's a call from you
- I feel happy
- I smile and smile all the time
- I tell my good friend
- The love feelings become stronger
*but then, same things happen*
- You being silent
- I'm alone
- I'm missing you
*these situation keep happen over and over again*

- I'm used with these situations
- I just dont care (sometimes)

What about now
- I just missed him
- Hoping he will call me and talk to me
- That's all I want

One else
- Thanks for entering my life and also my heart
- Stay being my good , nice , sweet, best friend
- I love you so my best man

Secret Admirer

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